Neutral colors look very elegant and romantic and fit into just about any style wedding. A neutral wedding is sure the best choice for those romantic brides who prefer natural and simple wedding parties. Colors like beige, ivory, cream, blush and light grey stand the test of time. That’s exactly what the neutrals do to a perfect wedding.Then what are the greatest neutral wedding colors for you to have in 2020? Scroll down and check out!

   1. Brown, Dusty Rose and Glittery

   For the bride that loves shimmery items, this is absolutely what you have to use on your wedding day!  These colors work great when paired together.No matter what your theme is , this color combo will stand strongly by your side.

Brown, Dusty Rose and Glittery Vintage Wedding

Matching Wedding Invitation

Rustic Wedding Invites

   2. Greenery, White and Grey

   Talk about a color palette that is true classic and you are talking about greenery, white, and grey.  Greenery for your wedding decor is so easily to get and quite affordable. 

Greenery,White and Grey Wedding

   3. Beige, Blush and Deep Red

   How wonderful this color palette is!  SO many options in so many categories is what makes this a winner!  Pairing blush and deep red  with beige really helps them stand out and not get overwhelming. 

Beige, Blush and Deep Red Wedding Invitation

   4. Blush, Beige and Grey

   Everything about this color combo is romantic!  If you are going for everlasting and romantic, these colors are what you need to strongly consider.

Blush, Beige and Grey Weddings

   5. Mauve, Grey and Ivory

   The participation of mauve in this color palette makes it come to life! Having this beautiful purple also opens up so many options for floral,attire and decor,etc.

Mauve, Grey and Ivory Grey Wedding

Matching Wedding Invitation

Gray Wedding Invitation

   6. Warm Taupe, Beige and Greenery

   Having greenery in this sea of neutrality will beso classy and fresh!  Whether barn, ballroom, or back yard, this color palette can go the distance.

Warm Taupe, Beige and Greenery Wedding

   7. Navy and Champagne

   This pairing is a classic for sure! This color palette looks rich and expensive but options are almost unlimited. But it doesn’t matter. If you’re crazy about classic wedding, pick this color combo.

Navy and Champagne Ivory Wedding

   8. Warm Fall Neutral Shades

   This wonderful color combo can slide right into fall wedding seamlessly . If you like ,adding in some brighter and fresher colors is also a good choice. When it comes to floral decisions, it gives you multiple options, too!

Warm Fall Neutral Shades Wedding

Matching Wedding Invitation

Woodland Wedding Invite

   9. Steel Grey, Dusty Blue and Cream White

   This color palette is chic, hip, beautiful, and just has it all together! The mix is a beauty through and through!Cannot be more perfect and harmonious

Steel Grey, Dusty Blue and Cream White Wedding Inspirations

   10. Glittery Gold, Ivory, and Greenery

   This color combo can cross over many themes and work in many venues or places you are holding your weddings.

Glittery Gold, Ivory, and Greenery Wedding

Credit: stylemepretty/bellethemagazine/theknot/whimsicalwonderlandweddings/weddingcolors/pinterest

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