10 Chic Rustic Wedding Palette Inspirations of 2022

10 Rustic Wedding Palette Inspirations of 2022

   Rustic wedding is always the best choice if brides and grooms want to have a relaxing wedding. The neutral color, relaxed atmosphere and sturdy wood accents can make people feel like home: comfortable, free and natural.
   As for the rustic wedding palette, we have prepared some chic ideas for you, and there must be one for you.

Burgundy Dark Themed Wedding

   Burgundy is a classic color for rustic wedding. When corporate with different colors, it can give people a whole different feelings. If you want a dark themed burgundy wedding, you can choose the higher saturation of burgundy, and use the black woods color at decoration, perfect!
Burgundy Dark Themed Rustic Wedding

Ivory, Kraft and Green Wedding

   Rustic wedding can also be elegant, as long as you choose the right color. Kraft is a symbol color of rustic wedding. Combined it with ivory and green, so beautiful a palette for outdoor wedding.
Kraft and Green Rustic Wedding
Vintage Rustic Wedding
Kraft Rustic Wedding Ideas

Greenery Wedding

   Decorate your rustic wedding with some greenery items will make the whole wedding looks more cute and fresh. Who said rustic wedding must be in earth tones?
Greenery Rustic Wedding

Emerald Green and Fuchsia Wedding

   Strong colors are more easy to leave a deep impression on people. Contrast color has become a kind of fashionable element. Emerald green and fuchsia are both strong colors. But when put them together, you won’t fell disharmonious.
Emerald Green and Fuchsia Rustic Wedding

 Burgundy and Green Wedding

  As we said before,burgundy is a classic color for rustic wedding. When put it with green together, rustic wedding would be more close to the nature.  
Burgundy and Green Rustic Wedding
Burgundy Wedding Ideas

 Black and Sunflower Wedding

   Have you ever tried to put black and yellow together as your wedding palette? This unbelievable color combo would bring special charm to a rustic wedding.
Sunflower Rustic Wedding

Brown and Orange Wedding     

   This is a wedding palette which close to the autumn nature color. So, use it for your autumn rustic wedding would be extremely suitable, and will make people feel comfortable.      
Brown and Orange Rustic Wedding
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