10 Great Fall Wedding Favors for Guests 2020

10 Great Fall Wedding Favors for Guests 2020

   When it comes to choosing fall wedding favors, I would recommend those that use a little inspiration and can easily be acquired with the combination of gifts from nature, like dried flowers, homemade things. Here are some great ideas of wedding gifts.

   #1. Jar of Honey

   The gift of honey is a wonderful favor that save the “sweet and lovely”.

 Jar of Honey

   #2. Bag of Tea

   Your guest will taste the sweetness of your love and share your happiness.

Bag of Tea

   #3. Keep Guests Warm

   If your wedding is going to be held outdoor in fall, towels are good choice to keep your guest warm.

Keep Guests Warm

   #4. Mason Jar Mix

   Adding all the ingredients, in layers, inside mason jars for the guests as favors will be a memorable gift.

Mason Jar Mix

   #5. Caramel Apples

   Caramel apples are a cliché, but they sure are popular.

Caramel Apples

   #6. Homemade Jam/Sauce

   Homemade favors are adorable and easy to take up as a DIY project. You can specialize each jar by writing the quests’ names on it.

Homemade Jam/Sauce

   #7. M&M Color Chocolates

   No one dislikes chocolates. Send these colorful and sweet chocolates as favors. You guests sure will love them.

M&M Color Chocolates

   #8. Homemade Liquor

   Use your favorite recipe , fill gorgeous bottles with the mix, and surprise your guests.

Homemade Liquor

   #9. Sweet love, Sweet Deserts

   Treat your guests with some deserts which as sweet as your love.

Sweet Deserts

   #10. Plant in a bottle/box

   Sending these cute plants to surprise your guests.

Plant in a bottle/box

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