10 Top 2022 Wedding Colors Trends That You Can’t Miss

10 Top 2022 Wedding Colors Trends That You Can’t Miss

Your wedding colors will be some of the most defining features of your big day. It seems that they are not as important as your dress or your first dance. But your wedding color palettes subtly ties together all the details, from the folral  to the signage and the table décor. They are connected with every detail. Designing a pefect and impressive wedding color scheme will make it look like you consider everything for your nuptials. When guests leave at the end of your wedding, a consistent color palette is one detail that they won’t forget.

Thus,picking the wedding color palette is the most essential decision to be made in the process of planning your weddings in 2022. To inspire couples who are tying the knot, we wanna share with you 10 fabulous wedding trends that are huge . 2022 Wedding ideas are somehow different as we will see many unusual colors ideas besides the classics such as bright pinks and yellows. Can’t wait to check them out ?Then enjoy!

1. Different Green Colors

Green is huge for every stype of wedding! We are seeing it everywhere and expect the trend to be very much on trend for 2022. If you’re like the look of green foliage decor, then this is your wedding color. Deep emerald green  give off vibes of a dreamy fairytale romance. No one doesn’t like it!Also, the sage colo continues to be hot in 2022.


Purple wedding ideas have been catching our interest beacause the purple colors are always classic as wedding colors. This rich, romantic hue is versatile enough to work for any season or wedding style. Here is the photographic evidence to prove it.

3. Modern Black 

The shades of black make everything stand out from the crowd in your wedding! You can still wear your white gown, but consider having your grooms in all black. Kick off the wedding celebration with a perfectly matched  wedding invitation and a black mysterious cake. How unforgettable your wedding is gonna be!

4. Dusty Rose

We’ve mentioned this color beforel.Dusty rose is life! It matches perfectly with so many different colors. Thus, it is still a huge trend for 2022. The look of a dusty rose bouquet is stunning! And don’t forget your wedding invitations. Use dusty rose invitation will leave your guests in awe.

5. Classic Blue

Classic blue can be used everywhere in your wedding.The preferred way of using this color for reception is with table linens.You can also incorporate this color with your groom’s suit and of course, your wedding invitations!

6. Berry Pinks

Berry pink colors are starting to emerge and we have a feeling the trend will get bigger in 2022. For this shades of color, a berry pink wedding invitation will be a prefect choice.

7. Mustard Yellow

Mustard is popping up more and more, and it’s here to stay! It goes hand in hand with the boho-chic style. For brides who love bohemian themed wedding, it’s gonna be a great option. Edgy and refreshingly modern, it pairs nicely with green foliage as well.

8.Moody Jewel Tone 

Jewel tone colors are the thing that mystic fairytales are made out of. We mean, who doesn’t wanna have an enchanted wedding? Dark teals, oranges, and reds will continue to be huge in 2022!

9.Rust Colors

Rust colors are another color combo that many couples love ! Use it with wedding floral to decorate your wedding arch, incorporate burnt orange hanging table linens and of course, your wedding invitations.

10. Dark Navy & Burgundy

Similar to the jewel-tone colors, here we have dark navy and burgundy hues. You can use them to style your bridesmaids, add color to your wedding bouquet and incorporate elegance into your wedding invitation suite as well.If you love these two colors, check out below to get more inspiration!

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