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2021 Trending Wedding Palette Ideas for Autumn Wedding

   Although spring and summer are the most popular wedding seasons, but the autumn should no be overlooked. The cool weather makes all guests can comfortably dress in formal wear, and the colors in the natural are the best backdrop for the fall outdoor weddings. By the way, compared with spring and summer,  you don’t need to worry about the rainy day very much in autumn. As we all know, the autumn is rarely rainy.

   For many brides-to-be who choose autumn wedding, they may already have the ideal wedding palette ideas in mind. But if you still can’t find the palette you want, please check the following ideas. Here are some popular autumn wedding palette ideas, and maybe you can find the one suitable for you.

Yellow & Green 

   Wedding with yellow shades usually bring people the feeling of joy and peaceful. Decorate with something green, will make the whole wedding looks bright and comfortable…

Yellow & Green Wedding

Rose Gold & Ivory & Green

      We have to admit, rose gold is the most suitable sparkling color for an rustic autumn wedding, and it works so well with ivory and green. The whole wedding palette makes people feel luxury but natural.

Rose Gold Fall Wedding

Wine Reds with Green 

   Wine reds is a classic and brilliant color for autumn wedding, and it can work well with various other colors. For example, the green.

Wine Reds Weddings

Orange & Green& White

   Earth tones always be applied to autumn wedding, and orange is one of the most classic choice. We can use some natural colors to decorate an orange wedding like white and green. Trust me , this is an wonderful color combo. 

Orange Fall Wedding

Terra Cotta & Ivory

   This wedding palette is wonderful for rustic wedding or boho wedding. When I first saw this wedding palette, autumn came to my mind . Do you have the same feeling?

Terra Cotta Wedding  Ideas

   Purple Shades & Ivory 

   Purple is an elegant wedding color. When you have such a kind of wedding in autumn, then ivory and green would be a good partner.

Purple Shades Wedding

Brown-Orange & Sage Green

    For autumn outdoor wedding, brown shades would be a great choice for wedding palette. It can blends well with the natural environment. Add something green to a brown shades wedding is very popular now. 

Brown Orange Wedding

Sage Green & Ivory

   Sage green is common seen in autumn wedding, it can not only works well with strong colors, but also light colors. For example, the ivory. A sage green & ivory wedding looks so gentle and romantic . 

Sage Green Weddings

Dark Teal & Orange

   Dark teal has became more and more popular in recent years. And if you want to have a wedding in strong palette, you can try to put the dark teal and orange together, you will get what you want. 

Dark Teal Wedding Ideas

Dark Shades 

   If you want to planning an unique dark wedding, you can follow this idea. Black dress, dark green and dark red decorations. It was unique enough and will leave a deep impression on all people. 

Wedding in Dark Shades

   Pro Wedding Invites provides various autumn wedding invitations to match different weddng colors. Please check following products. 

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