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21 Romantic Wedding Theme Ideas for a Storybook-Inspired Day

Are you planning your dream wedding and looking for a theme that is both romantic and enchanting? Look no further! Here are 21 romantic wedding theme ideas for a storybook-inspired day that will leave you and your guests feeling like you stepped into a fairytale.

1.Enchanted Forest: Surround yourself with lush greenery and twinkling lights for a magical forest-inspired wedding.

2.Cinderella: Embrace the classic fairytale with a blue and silver color scheme and glass slipper-inspired decor.

3.Beauty and the Beast: Bring the classic story to life with red roses, ornate candelabras, and gold accents.

4.Alice in Wonderland: Host a whimsical tea party with mismatched furniture and playful details like giant playing cards and pocket watch centerpieces.

5.Rapunzel: Embrace the princess’s signature color, lavender, and incorporate braided details throughout the decor.

6.Secret Garden: Create an intimate garden party with overflowing flowers, vintage furniture, and delicate details.

7.Sleeping Beauty: Embrace the romantic color palette of pink and blue with soft, ethereal decor.

8.Peter Pan: Host a playful wedding with touches of green, playful decor like feathered centerpieces, and nods to Neverland.

9.Snow White: Incorporate the iconic apple into the decor and embrace a red and blue color scheme with touches of gold.

10.Arabian Nights: Host a mystical, jewel-toned wedding with lanterns, bold prints, and intricate details.

11.Harry Potter: Bring the wizarding world to life with Hogwarts-inspired decor and touches of gold and burgundy.

12.The Little Mermaid: Incorporate touches of turquoise and seashells into the decor for a beachy, underwater-inspired wedding.

13.Midsummer Night’s Dream: Create a romantic, fairy-filled garden with soft lighting and floral details.

14.The Great Gatsby: Embrace the glamour of the 1920s with art deco-inspired details, glittering accents, and bold colors.

15.Romeo and Juliet: Embrace the romanticism of the Shakespearean tragedy with a romantic color palette and candlelit details.

16.Narnia: Create a winter wonderland with touches of fur, snowflakes, and woodland-inspired decor.

17.Wizard of Oz: Host a playful, colorful wedding with touches of rainbow and whimsical details like ruby slippers and yellow brick road-inspired decor.

18.The Secret of NIMH: Host a rustic, woodland-inspired wedding with nods to the beloved animated film.

19.The Princess Bride: Embrace a soft, romantic color palette with touches of lace and floral details.

20.Dr. Seuss: Host a playful wedding with bold colors and whimsical decor inspired by the beloved children’s books.

21.Game of Thrones: Embrace the epic fantasy series with medieval-inspired decor, fur accents, and bold, jewel-toned colors.

No matter which theme you choose, a storybook-inspired wedding is sure to be a romantic and enchanting day that you and your guests will never forget.

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