3 Useful DIY Ideas on Adding Shimmer to Your Invitations

3 Useful DIY Ideas on Adding Shimmer to Your Invitations

If you are interested in metal and are willing to do it yourself, you may be looking for the perfect big day project.Gold, silver and other shimmering colors are easy to show off at a wedding.There are different ways to make your selection shine — whether it’s your photo album, stationery, or a gift for your wedding party,and wedding invitations.These projects are not only simple, but also chic and customizable.

Yep, it’s DIY time! If you are still not satisfied with the wedding invitations that you have bought or are making them homemade, we are here to assist. Embellishing your stationery can be surprisingly easy and affordable. We have 3 simple and cost-effective ways help inspire you to add a touch of shimmer to your invitations. Click through to check them out.

  1. Gold Leaf Invitation

All you need is just a little bit of glue and a few sheets of gold foil.  Lightly swipe the glue where you want the gold foil then apply the foil on top and let it dry. When the glue has dried, pull away the excess foil and bam, you have a Gold Leafed invitation.

  1. Laser cut card

Laser cut can enhance your invitation card with emperor elegance. If a laser cut wrap is too much pattern for you, then why not to turn to a partial laser cut backer, here are some ideas for you to try.

3.One or a few little pearl or diamond stickers

This one is very easy and quick. They are really affordable and easy to use and make a big statement for such a tiny little detail.

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