3 Wedding Invitation Rules You Can Break

3 Wedding Invitation Rules You Can Break

You finally got our wedding invitations — which means it’s happening.A quick search on Google for “how to write a wedding invitation” or “wedding invitation etiquette” yields thousands of results on how you “should” send an invitation.But I’m here to tell you that there are some rules you can break.Here are some we decided to throw out.

1.You May: Remove the Address of Your Venue
Unless your guests carried a phone book in their glove box, or pulled over to dial information from a payphone, there was no way for them to find the address of your venue. Thanks to mobile phones and easy access to information, it’s acceptable to leave the full address off your invitation and list only your venue name.

2.You May: Use Informal Date and Time Wording
If you’re inviting with traditional wording, your wedding date and start time should be spelled out formally. For example –

Saturday, the third of July, two-thousand and twenty one at five o’clock in the evening

 However, if you’re opting for a more modern text layout, this is a rule that can be broken! Instead of spelling out your date and time, it can be laid out like –07.03.21 | 5pmJUL | 22 | 21
at 3 o’clock

or, you can spell it out more informally like –

Saturday, July 3rd, 2021 at 5:00 in the evening

  • You May: Add a Photo
    Photo wedding invitations simply did not exist until quite recently. A photo? On your wedding invitation? Getting some extra mileage out of those engagement photos is a win and your guests will love receiving a design that includes your smiling faces! Choose a format, such as a folding or double-sided design, so you can share a photo and still have room for your invitation wording.
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