30 Gorgeous Winter Red Christmas Themed Festival Wedding Ideas

30 Gorgeous Winter Red Christmas Themed Festival Wedding Ideas

   Is there any better theme that can catch the magic of festival or holiday at the end of year than a Christmas themed wedding? If the exact date of your wedding has been settled, exactly in winter, are you going to have a Christmas-themed wedding?

   When it comes to Christmas-themed weddings, you may think of Santa Claus, Christmas trees, elks and so on. It is believed that these elements are indispensable for decorating Christmas-themed weddings. Wedding venues decorate for the holiday as usual. And although red sweaters, antlers, Christmas trees, apples and greeting cards go through  every Christmas, we are still happy with them when we celebrate for a Merry Christmas. So choosing a Christmas theme will give you FREE  festival décor that works into your wedding plans,which is  surely feasible.

   Christmas is a festival that is brimming with magic and romantic all the time. Every time we think of it , the warmth that this holiday brings cannot be replaced.  All is all ,hope you beatific couples have a wonderful and memorable Christmas themed wedding. In this blog, we list some awesome Christmas wedding ideas to get you inspired. Continue reading!

   1. Red Floral Backdrop

   Red is amazing color, especially when everything is covered in white. So this is a color that helps to bring a touch of warmth and romance in cold weather.

Red Floral Backdrop

   2. Wedding Centerpieces

   Centerpiece ideas are endless when working with a Christmas theme. Think evergreens, pine cones, logs, lanterns, and candles.

Wedding Centerpieces

   3. Cheap Christmas Inspired Wedding Cards from EWI

   Winter themed invitations are beautiful and should have an air of romance about them. Here are a few of our favorites! 

 Christmas Inspired Wedding Cards

   4. Lush Red Floral Backdrop for Escort Card Table

   If you are having assigned seats, then an escort card table is a must. You can also let creativity flow and put the cards on wreaths or a Christmas tree.

Lush Red Floral Backdrop

   5. Rustic Dessert Table

   People eat with their eyes first, so a beautiful desert display helps add to how yummy everything tastes.

Rustic Dessert Table

   6. Red Bridal Bouquets

   Whether you choose to go all red or make it an accent color in your bouquet, having that pop of color against your neutral dress will be eye-catching.

Red Bridal Bouquets

   7. Red Plaid Scarves for Bride and Groom Chair Decoration

   We love this idea because after the wedding you’ll each have your own for cuddle time in the months to come.

Bride and Groom Chair Decoration

   8. Glitter Red Winter Festival Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

   Laser Cut invitations automatically have a sense of elegance about them. When made with your color, they make a dramatic wow factor

Laser Cut invitations

   9. Groom Boutonnieres

   Boutonnieres do not have to be flowers at all. Think greenery, pinecones, and berries and you have a statement piece to go on your man’s lapel!

Groom Boutonnieres

   10. DIY Wedding Favors for Christmas Themed Weddings

   A little take-home favor to remember your wedding by is a sweet touch to the end of the night. A Christmas ornament makes for a meaningful remembrance year after year and homemade goodies carry a wonderful sense of nostalgia.

DIY Wedding Favors

   11. Rustic Winter Festival Wedding Sign

   Giving your guests a heads up as to what the plan for the day is, is always a great idea. It lets the guests know that they will for sure want to stick around with the plans you’ve made for the night ahead.

Rustic Winter Festival Wedding Sign

   12. Hot Chocolate Bar for Wedding Guests

   Everybody loves a cup of hot cocoa when it’s cold outside, and it tastes even better when it’s all set up for you to play with ingredients.

Hot Chocolate Bar


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