37 Amazing Wedding Aisle Runner Decoration Ideas that You Must See

37 Amazing Wedding Aisle Runner Decoration Ideas that You Must See

Walking down the aisle is one of the most special moments of a wedding and also one of the most photographed moments..Not to mention, you’ll actually make such trips twice —  of course the second is when you exit as newlyweds .So, basically, the decoration of the wedding aisle is something you need to take into consideration.

And just because you want to do something special with it, it doesn’t mean it has to be luxurious.As a matter of fact, when you’ve searched for the actual weddings, you may find that most of brides particularly like the simple setups.Lots of materials are available,like green plants, romantic candles, country lanterns, and more.Also, no matter what you’re thinking, there are a few things to keep in mind.First of all, make sure your wedding aisle decor to match the whole theme of your wedding, not deviate from it.You also have to make sure it replenish your wedding, as you’ll be photographed walking up and down the aisle, not to mention exchanging vows at the end of the ceremony.

But beyond that, your wedding aisle decor is really up to you.In case you don’t know what to do,we have some ideas for you.Here comes 37 of the most adorable wedding aisle runner decorations for you to enjoy and hopefully be inspired!  It is such a touching moment for a bride when she walks the aisle to the man whom she has decided to share the rest of her life with and decorating it for this once in a lifetime walk is so important.


1. Magnificent Flowers

 Whether they are delicately scattered or an extremely heavy overlay, the fresh smell of the petals and their beautiful color makes for magnificent photos and even more beautiful memories.

Magnificent Flowers

 2. Elegant Beach Theme

Creating an aisle for a beach wedding is so important because it gives focus and direction to your ceremony area. Whether you are treating the area with natural touches straight off the beach (think shells and driftwood) or drawing a pattern straight into the sand, a beach wedding has endless options for the aisle.

Elegant Beach Theme wedding

3. Natural Wood

Natural wood touches lining both sides of the aisle can be as simplistic or dramatic as you want them to be. Because they are directly from nature they blend in beautifully to any outdoor setting. Incorporating flowers or candles into your natural wood helps dress them up.

Natural Wood

4. Romantic Lighting

Twinkling lights and candles and lanterns oh my! Good lighting makes EVERYTHING better, so it’s guaranteed to do the same thing for your aisle. Not only does it give you that beautiful glow for pictures, it sets a very romantic mood and you absolutely cannot go wrong with that.

Romantic Lighting

5. Rustic Mason Jars

Mason jars are so easy to work with because they have so much variety. You can hang them from shepherd’s hook, place them directly on the ground, paint them, filled them with candles, fill them with flowers…the options are endless. And the best part, they’re affordable!

Rustic Mason Jars

6. Vintage Lamp

Vintage Lamp


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