4 Stunning Geometric Modern Wedding Invitation Trends for 2020

4 Stunning Geometric Modern Wedding Invitation Trends for 2020

   Watercolors, geometric patterns and metallic textures are some of the most popular wedding invitation trends,but today we just focus on geometric.Timeless and super romantic, bridal stationery with geometric details is hot in a big way.

   Whether you prefer classic letterpress printing or prefer easily-made and affordable one ,there  is a geometric invitation for every type of bride.Modern brides should keep an eye out for cool illustrations by geometric invitations.They are the perfect fantasy feast with modern aesthetic.

   And geometric inspired wedding invitations are predicted to be a big trend for 2020 since geometric modern weddings are becoming more and more popular! In 2020, we are expected to see more geometric invitations incorporated into other trendy elements such as floral and greenery, marble and geode, and more!For your inspiration,we’ve gathered the following super cool modern geometric inspired invitation ideas to help  Check it out now and get inspired!

   1.Greenery and Geometric Designs

   Your modern wedding invitation could be perfect when incorporating these trendy floral and greenery details into your modern geometric invitations.

Greenery Wedding Invites

   2. Marble and Geometric Inspired Foil Wedding Invitations

   Marble wedding invitations look beautiful with copper and gold calligraphy and a gilded edge, rock them in geometric shapes for a cool modern look.

Marble wedding invitations

   3. Different Shapes of Geometric Wedding Invitations

    This is a guaranteed way to convey to your guests that you are having a geometric themed wedding.

Geometric Wedding Invitations


   4. Acrylic Wedding Invitation with Geometric Design

   Sheer acrylic wedding invitation in geometric shapes and patterns with calligraphy looks super cool! 、

Acrylic Wedding Invitation
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