45 Amazing Ideas to Decorate Your Wedding Chairs

45 Amazing Ideas to Decorate Your Wedding Chairs

   When it comes to your big day, you and your beloved on are the irrefutable stars of the show. So, why not take every opportunity to make yourselves stand out? And that also includes the very chairs on which you sit! At your wedding reception, make sure your and your groom’s seats are as special as your union with these extremely pretty wedding chair decors.

   From floral garlands to personalized “Bride” and “Groom” signs, there are endless ways to make your wedding chairs take the cake from the rest of your guests’. And while any of these wedding chair decorations are an ideal way to designate the newlyweds’ choice, these fun decor ideas are more than just practical details. They serve as a way to further decorate for your wedding theme as well. Plus, they make for some seriously stunning reception photos beyond your imagination.

   As we said,there are so many ways to decorate your wedding chairs! To highlight the vintage look you may use lace; to add a rustic feel take burlap and add some flowers; to have a glamorous look you can use ruffled covers, or long fabric interwoven into the backs, to meet the garden theme you take greenery and flowers with the addition of fabric. Whatever you choose, check the inspirational ideas we’ve collected for you. Read on to get more inspired!

   1. Simple Greenery

   A little or a lot. A swag, a stem, or a wreath…there is no wrong way to use greenery on your wedding chairs. Another perk of itis that it won’t wilt, and that is so important because people will be taking lots of pics of you in these chairs.

Simple Greenery Wedding Chair

   Matching Wedding Invitations 

rustic greenery botanical wedding invitation

   2. Fabric and flowers

   If you want a romantic touch, fresh flowers added to your chairs will give you that exact feel. Flowers are special and when you use them to mark your special seats, itwill be definitely a win!

Fabric and flowers Wedding Chair

   3. Woven Fabric

   When you braid fabric through the intricate backs, you really have something special. Another advantageof itis that it stays put and doesn’t slide around while you are up and down all night.

Woven Fabric Wedding Chair

   4. Romantic ruffle sash cover

Romantic ruffle sash cover Wedding Chair

   5. Vintage Lace

   If lace is your preferencethen you need to add it to a chair! It doesn’t wrinkle, so to make it look flawless requires zero effort. And who wouldn’t like a little less work on the big day?

Vintage Lace Wedding Chair

   Matching Wedding Invitations 

 Plum Floral Inspired Wedding Invitation

   6. Boho theme

   If you are going Boho, then macramé is probably going to be used in your wedding, and why not on the back of your chairs? It’s cozy and it can be used as a wall hanging in your home after the event, so you just have something that got reused.

Boho theme Wedding Chair

   Matching Wedding Invitations 

Acrylic Floral Wedding Invitation

   7. Burlap

   The biggest perk to burlap is that it is totally affordable.And it’s surprisingly easy to work with! No matter how you decide to treat the chair, burlap holds up all night long!

Burlap Wedding Chair

   8. Ribbons

   How you choose to tie it can make a huge impact. It’s also a great way to work in all the wedding colors on the big day.

Ribbons Wedding Chair

   9. Fabric tie

   Also known as a chair sash comes in a wide variety of fabrics, styles, colors, and patterns, which means there is a sash somewhere out there with your name on it! Plus, these can be tied onto the chairs so many different ways that your options are almost endless.

Fabric tie Wedding Chair


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