45 Creative Ways to Integrate Balloons Into Your Weddings

45 Creative Ways to Integrate Balloons Into Your Weddings

   Balloons are playing an important role, bringing joy and festivity to any celebration. However they come out most frequently at more informal celebrations like birthday parties, they’re also worth considering for your wedding if you’re a sucker for balloons of different kinds as well. Take my word for it, balloons aren’t as casual as you think—you can dress them up for a fun addition to your big day. Plenty of brides and grooms have embraced balloons, and you certainly can, too.

   Balloons are such a simple and inexpensive decoration, they just scream party time all the time! We have seen fun wedding balloon ideas used in everything from fun backdrops to ceremony aisle decor, and from reception decor to wedding photos.To help you make balloons a key element in your wedding décor, we’ve rounded up some of the most popular ideas from real events. There are many ways to rock balloons on your big day, let’s have a look at some of them. Get ready to be inspired!

   1. Balloon Wedding Ceremony Backdrops

   Use lots of balloons to cover the whole wall, and a dreamy backdrop is ready.

Balloon Wedding Ceremony Backdrops

   2. DIY Wedding Centerpieces Decorated with Balloons

   Including balloons in your reception centerpieces will add lots of height and visual interest to your venue withsaving your budget.

Wedding Centerpieces Decorated with Balloons

   3. Wedding Reception Decorating Ideas

   As for balloon decorating ideas for weddings,we recommend using balloons together with flowers and greenery so that you won’t need that many flowers and this plan will save your budget.

Wedding Reception Decorating Ideas

    4. Balloon Wedding Signs

   Add a balloon to your wedding sign to make it stand out and ensure your guests notice it.

Balloon Wedding Signs

   5. Wedding Aisle Decoration with Balloons

   Just imagine walking down an aisle lined with giant balloons or looking out at your guests to see balloons tied to each and every chair – pretty memorable, right?

Wedding Aisle Decoration with Balloons

   6. Giant Balloon Wedding Table Number Ideas

   Gant numbered balloons are sure to make an impact when guests walk into the reception to find their table. 

Balloon Wedding Table Number Ideas

   7. Lovely Romantic Wedding Photos

   Balloons are a perfect accessory for wedding photos and we are surethat your photos will be gorgeous!

Romantic Wedding Photos

   8. For Your Ring Bearer and Flower Girl

   It wouldn’t get much cuter than your flower girl and/or ring bearer carrying a single balloon down the aisle. A wedding balloon is a great alternative to a bouquet, as kids might turn their nose up at a bunch of flowers, but definitely not at a massive balloon.

Ring Bearer and Flower Girl

   9. Fun Wedding Games

Wedding Games

   10. Wedding Favor Ideas for Kids

   Kids love balloons, so why not tie a cute balloon to their wedding favors?

Wedding Favor Ideas for Kids

   11. Send-off Favors

   We love the idea of releasing lots of colorful balloons to celebrate the end of your big day.

Send-off Favors

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