5 Fabulous Wedding Color Ideas with Matching Invitations

5 Fabulous Wedding Color Ideas with Matching Invitations

   Trends in wedding colors are changing.It is becoming more and more popular to use a solid color as the focal point of a wedding.Pink and purple are the two most popular colors at weddings.

   Purple is the color of romance, nobility.It is a versatile wedding color with so wide spectrum of hues that you might see purple weddings all the year around.The charming purple wedding idea is perfect for this season!With such bold and beautiful colors, it’s easy to make your wedding plans creative and daring.

    Here we’re just going to talk about five popular shades of purple wedding colors and wedding invitations. If you are a bride  planning for a purple wedding, you should definitely want to steal some favorite purple ideas for your own event. Enjoy!.

   1. Dark Purple and Black Wedding Color and Wedding Invitations

   2. Bright Purple Spring Wedding Colors and Wedding Invitations

   3. Light Purple Spring Wonderland Wedding Ideas

  4. Classic Purple and Grey Wedding Colors

 5. Watercolor Purple and Mint Wedding Inspiration

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