5 Gorgeous Shade of Purple Wedding Color Combos

5 Gorgeous Shade of Purple Wedding Color Combos

   If you’ve always dreamed of a pretty shade of purple wedding, then the topic we talk about today is all what you[re interested in!This shade of purple is very easy for your florist to work with and can even be incorporated into your menu…think about desserts and signature cocktails! Also use it in any details of your wedding design.

   Orchid is a fresh, fun purple and can be utilized in many areas of your wedding. Mauve is so dusty and romantic,which can work well in any season and is enchanting when paired with metallics.Think about candlelight, twinkling lights, and all things romantic and they are perfectly paired with mauve.Mulberry looks rich and expensive and can also work in any season, but its deep hue will really be enhanced in the fall and winter. It is a fabulous color to use for bridesmaids’ dresses and as accent pieces to the groom and grooms’ attire because it is so flattering on all skin tones.Lavender is so soft and is a great choice if you want to add other pastels as accent colors.Having your guests toss lavender buds at you will certainly fill the air with a beautiful scent and create beautiful memories for all involved.Plum is a wonderful color for clothing, flowers, table linens, and of course invitations as well.

   1. Awesome Fresh Orchid

Awesome Fresh Orchid Wedding

   2. Popular Rustic Mauve

Rustic Mauve Wedding

   3. Elegant Mulberry

Elegant Mulberry Wedding

   4. Gorgeous Lavender

Gorgeous Lavender Wedding

   5. Elegant and Noble Plum

Elegant and Noble Plum Wedding



Matching Wedding Invitations 

Purple Laser Cut Wedding Invitation

Lavender Wedding Invitation

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