5 Popular Shades of Purple Wedding Colors

5 Popular Shades of Purple Wedding Colors

    Hello,ladies! Today you’ll be happy to see that my obsession, purple wedding color palette.  I do love shades of purple from lilac to deep purple. I think shades of purple could be used in the wedding all year round. What better way to enjoy the rich tones of this elegant colour than by using it to decorate your wedding reception? For me, purple is charming and pretty.And as one of the most popular wedding colors, purple can be used in weddings at any time of the year with so many different shades, which can be associated with royalty and wealth.

   For fall wedding, you may choose a darker shade of purple and lighter purples work better in spring and summer.Plum is a deep purple color,  which is a close representation of the average color of the plum fruit, working well with grey and gold and perfect for fall weddings.Violet is a combination of blue and red, which can be used in any time of a year.

   More ideas? Here comes 5 shades of purple wedding color that you can use on your own event depends on the seasons and your favor. Have a cup of coffee and keep on reading.

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