5 Stunning Metallic Wedding Color Ideas and Supplies

5 Stunning Metallic Wedding Color Ideas and Supplies

   Very important part of wedding is to determine the dominant color, which should be based on the preferences of the soon-to-be newlyweds.Metallic is gradually coming into view.Adding a touch of sparkle or metallic, such as silver, bronze and rose gold, to your modern weddings can be much more joyful, which is one of the hottest trends in wedding decorations, as well as popular choices for bridesmaid dresses.The combination of metal colors creates an advanced texture.

   Searching for 2020 wedding trends, we see glitters/Metallics still leading the way, from gold wedding dresses to sparkly shoes and wedding invitation with gold accents. Metallic hues are an excellent way to complete your overall wedding aesthetic.  If you are a fan of metallic and want to have those in your big day, then check out the following ideas and get inspired.


Navy with Silver Wedding

   Rose gold+peach

Rose gold and peach Wedding

Matching Wedding Invitations 

Rose Gold Wedding Invitation


Gold and Black Wedding

Matching Wedding Invitations 

Black and Gold Wedding Invitation


Gold amd teal Wedding


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