5 Stunning Secret Garden Wedding Ideas

5 Stunning Secret Garden Wedding Ideas

   There’s just something so timeless and pretty about garden weddings. The setting, the details, and the overall vibe are all incredibly whimsical and romantic, especially during the warm-weather months. When it comes to Secret Garden, the timeless childhood tale may come to mind…romantic roses, whimsical touches, natural beauty that surrounds you as soon as you step foot into the garden, and most importantly, the power that a secret garden holds…all things are possible in a secret garden!

   To help you plan your own botanical-themed event or inspire you to do so, we’ve put together a list of our favorite garden wedding details. With these ideas in you back pocket, you can achieve the flower-filled celebration of your dreams, no matter when or where you’re tying the knot. Of course a garden venue certainly helps.Today we present 5 stunning Secret Garden wedding color ideas. Hope you like them!

   1. Gorgeous Serenity and Rose Quartz

   The gentle masculinity of the Light Blue paired with the femininity of the Blush Pink are a perfect color combo for a Secret Garden wedding. 

Light Blue Wedding

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   2. Charming Lavender

   Lavender is the perfect Spring or Summer wedding color because that color comes around at that time of year and no other. 

Lavender Wedding

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Lavender Wedding Invitation

   3. Elegant Peach and Light Blue

   Grace and charm are the things that come to mind when Elegant Peach and Light Blue are paired together for your Summer wedding.  It’s fresh without being harsh! 

Elegant Peach and Light Blue Wedding

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   4. Natural Greenery with Floral

   If you are having your wedding in a Secret Garden or in your grandmother’s backyard, the dressed up greenery enhances the already beautiful setting. 

Greenery with Floral Wedding

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Fold-Out Wedding Invitation

   5. Popular Orange Fall Wedding Inspiration

   Not only is this color palette perfect for the fall, it has it’s place in the spring and summer too, if you have the right venue.  So many things can be done with this color palette and whether you want your wedding to be fun and fresh or elegant and sophisticated, the shades of orange can help you achieve that goal.

Orange Fall Wedding Inspiration

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