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5 Trending Wedding Color Palettes for 2022

   From selecting the wedding decorations to wedding dresses to wedding invitations, selecting an appropriate wedding color palettes early is a critical step in having the rest of your planning process running smoothly. 

   For the coming 2022 weddings, if you are bored with the common wedding colors, you can try these personalized colors as below. 
    Teal & Rust 
    Boho wedding is one of the most popular theme in 2021 and we believe it would keep popular in 2022. As a classic color, rust has been widely used in the boho wedding. We add some emerald green in this color idea to make it more special. This is a brilliant wedding color palettes in the autumn. 
Teal & Rust Wedding
   Canyon Rose 
   Pink is a kind of wedding color which will never out of style. It is cute and romantic and can be combined with various other colors. 
Canyon Rose Wedding
   Powder Blue 
    If you want an unique blue wedding, then we will suggest you choose the powder blue. A very comfortable wedding palette. 
Powder Blue Wedding
  Mustard & Green 
   Mustard is a kind of yellow wedding, you may don’t know it before, but this intense color will make people feel relaxing, especially when combines with green. 
Mustard & Green Wedding
   Red is a popular wedding color, and there are various red such as burgundy, wine and fuchsia. Now, we will introduce a another one-mulberry. 
Mulberry Wedding

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