5 Trendy DIY Inspirations For Affordable Wedding Invitation

5 Trendy DIY Inspirations For Affordable Wedding Invitation

Sometimes the accessories can make your invitation more exquisite, such as gold or silver belly bonds, small wax seals or diamonds and Ribbons in Different Shapes, Or pure white lace. All of these can make your invitation looks distinctive, today, we summarize some of the most popular invitation accessories and we will give you several collocation schemes.

1. Use Belly Bands To Wrap The Invitation

Belly band is a good ways to pack all your cards together, it not only serves as an accessory. Normally there are many belly band in different materials, different sizes.

-Gold/Sliver belly band

-Sulfuric acid paper belly band

-Glitter paper girdle in various colors(gold/rose gold/sliver/champagne)

2. Ribbon

Ribbon has fine texture, it is smooth and anti-wrinkle, You can match your wedding with ribbons of different colors. Many people use ribbons to adorn their invitations, such as tying bows on the invitations, or they can be cut into various shapes. Anyway, ribbon is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a romantic and sweet way to hold all the pieces of your stationery together.

3. Wax Seals

 Vellum pockets and Sulfuric acid pocket are the best partners for wax seals, it is used to stick the envelopes by a lot of people. we offer customization service, usually the first letter of the newcomer’s name will be on the seals, you can also decorate some flowers next to the letters  to make the overall design look more rich.

4. Glitter silver/rose gold/gold envelope liner

Envelopes with gold liner will makes your invitation looks more elegant,
-Optional colorful envelopes

-Glitter silver/rose gold/gold envelope liner

5. string

String can be used to tie your cards, Many newlyweds will use twine to tie some accessories like small cards or keys on the invitations, If you fancy something rustic, buy some twine to decorate your invitations..

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