6 Beautiful & Inviting Wedding Colors For May Wedding in 2020

6 Beautiful & Inviting Wedding Colors For May Wedding in 2020

   If you’ve chosen to be a spring bride and would like to be different from the tradition of June bride,and May is your month to shine. May is such a popular month to have your wedding in due to its fair temperatures and relatively dry season. It is a season of new beginnings, a season of fragility and hope, which is full of gossamer colors and light.Finding a palette that appeals to you and take advantage of nature’s blossoming paint box is what you ought to do before plan your May wedding in detail.Start with white, or skip it to an original color scheme that includes blue, gray or antique rose bridal gowns.This is your wedding.Pick the colors you have affection on and also match your wedding theme.

   No doubt that May is an exciting month as we are just stepping out of spring and bouncing into summer, so everyone tends to be in high spirits.One of the perks it brings is that there is a wide choice of flowers, the list is endless,  making it much cheaper to get what you want at the price you want and give you lots of options about wedding colors from nature. With the focus on pretty posies, we have identified a gorgeous color palette perfect for the popular month of May.

Cornflower Blue

   Most people may not associate May with the color blue.But cornflower blue is definitely a beautiful introduction to summer. It can be made as vibrant as you like or in pastel shades due to its natural variation in color, which provides more flexibility on the color and an easy choice of bouquet flowers.

Cornflower Blue Wedding

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Peony Pink

   It’s such a beautiful shade of pink and peonies make such beautiful bouquets. Try introducing the color with white.

Peony Pink Wedding

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Pink Wedding Invites

Lily White

   A clean and simple palette, which uses the flower of the month! You can do everything in white with lily, or if you want to introduce that natural light green and lemon that you find in lilies.

Lily White Wedding

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Freesia Lilacs

   This is a popular color all year round, this shade of purple should not be overlooked for a spring wedding. There are so many beautiful shades of purple this time of year making it easy to bunch a beautiful bouquet together.

purple Freesia Lilacs wedding

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Sunflower Yellow

   Although we often think of summer when it comes to sunflowers, May is a great month to introduce a little vibrancy into your venue.Sunflowers are a certain way to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Sunflower Yellow Wedding

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Sunflower Wedding Invitation

Grass Green

   Romantic, fresh, ethereal, and absolutely timeless… These are just some of the words that come to mind when talking about green.

Grass Green Wedding

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