6 Beautiful Summer Wedding Colors

6 Beautiful Summer Wedding Colors

Summer is a good season for lush growth of various flowers and longer sunshine hours. If you want to arrange your wedding in summer, try these bright and bold color palettes below, choose one of your favorite palettes to decorate your enthusiastic summer wedding! Do not forget to pick up your Hot summer romantic wedding invitation!

1. Blush, Burgundy, and Metallic Gold

This palette is full of vitality

2. Light Blue and Navy

Inject fresh vibes into your summer wedding

3. Peach Pink, Blush, and Greenery

Hot summer, hot wedding

4. Shades of Light Purples

Do you want to walk in the sea of lavender?

5. Pink, Orange, and Yellow

lovely childlike wedding

6. Vibrant Jewel Tones

Preparing some flowers on the palette will make the wedding look more romantic.

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