6 Creative Ideas for your Small Wedding in 2022

6 Creative Ideas for your Small Wedding in 2022

A lot of newlyweds want some novel ideals for their wedding, How to make a wedding distinctive and comfortable as well? Here are some creative ideals for you, hope we can inspire you! 6 Creative Ideas for your Small Wedding in 2022.

1.A cosy wedding venue is important

Choose a distinctive venue for your wedding, It is not as difficult as many couples thought, especially for those who hold small wedding. Boulevards, beaches, and forests are the best alternatives. Creative Ideas for your Small Wedding in 2022.

2.A customized invitation will make your wedding more special

More and more couples loves to put their photos on the invitation, they also choose the invitation according to their wedding style. 


A beautiful arch or backdrop will be a good choice for you and your friends to take photos. 

4.Dress up your table

Use flowers – Roses, tulips, lilies – Fine cutlery and tablecloth to dress up your wedding table, Candle is a good option as well. 

5.Let guests choose the food they like.

You can write down several food on the Reception cards, then let the guest to choose. Now you can prepare the food that meets the appetite of most guests. 

6.Hire a wedding band

How could a wedding be perfect without music! Hire a wedding band, dance to the music with your family and friends. 

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