6 Fabulous Rustic Romantic and Elegant Wedding Ideas & Color Combos

6 Fabulous Rustic Romantic and Elegant Wedding Ideas & Color Combos

   How to add romance to your country wedding?Sometimes all you need is a impossibly beautiful romantic color that combines perfectly with your rustic wedding elements.Choosing the color of the wedding is the first step in wedding planning.

   Setting up color combinations as early as possible makes it easier to determine the subsequent details.In fact, anything of wedding decor can be coordinated with the overall color theme of the wedding-from centerpieces, wedding cakes, and the most important wedding dresses.

   Some colors is suitable for a particular season, while some colors can be used all the year round.No matter which color match, I believe every bride will choose their favorite and suitable for the current season in which the event is going to happen.If you choose elegant  gold, it gives your wedding a noble and royal touch.Peach color is the popular darling of bridesmaid dress.With lime wedding cake and green flower basket for decor, your wedding looks more inviting. For more wedding ideas and great color combos, I’ve collected some of my favorite below. Go on checking and get inspiration for your rustic wedding.

   1. Dusty blush and green garden rustic style

garden rustic Wedding

   2. Mauve purple fall wedding colors

purple fall wedding

Matching Wedding Invitations 

Purple Wedding Invitation

   3. Coral and peach beach wedding

beach wedding

Matching Wedding Invitations

Floral Inspired Wedding Invitation

   4. Dusty blue, ivory and light gold destination wedding

destination wedding

Matching Wedding Invitations

Blue Wedding Invitations

   5. Shades of purple

Shades of purple Wedding

Matching Wedding Invitations

Purple Wedding Invitation

   6. Sage, beige and Grey

Sage, beige and Grey Wedding


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