6 Inspirational & Trendy Modernized Rustic Wedding Theme Ideas

6 Inspirational & Trendy Modernized Rustic Wedding Theme Ideas

   When we talk about wedding styles, modern weddings and rustic weddings have always been the leaders of the pack.However simple rustic or barn weddings are on downward trend because it is too popular to be unique. So it came as no surprise to us when we started noticing couples combining both styles! Modern rustic weddings are a gorgeous way to express your stylish tastes in a warm and cozy environment.

   Set the tone for your modern rustic wedding with a gorgeous minimalist barn venue. Or choose sun-drenched neutral colors,from warm ivories to bright whites, the modern rustic style is all about channeling chic vibes with an effortless color palette. What else can be done to make a stylish rustic wedding that was filled with lots of mason jars and burlap elements?

   In Fact, Rustic trend is not going anywhere but covered with a modern or industrial twist which we call it modernized rustic chic style. The following are some great new rustic chic wedding ideas for different wedding themes. Read on to get inspired with our these gorgeous ideas to decorate a modern rustic wedding!

1.Intimate Backyard

Intimate Backyard Wedding

   2. Rustic Glam Theme

Rustic Glam Theme Wedding

   3. Boho Elopement

Boho Elopement Wedding

   4. Moody Greenery

Moody Greenery Wedding

   5. Industrial chic

Industrial chic Wedding


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