6 Winter Wedding Color Ideas to Get You Inspired

6 Winter Wedding Color Ideas to Get You Inspired

Winter is the least popular wedding season of the year, according to statistics, but in fact winter weddings are seriously underrated.This season is full of charm and magic which cannot be replaced by any other kind of wedding, and the spirit of celebration before and after the holidays can add a sense of togetherness to your big day.If you’re getting married in winter, choosing the right winter wedding color will be an important part of your planning process.

Winter weddings can be very magical, and the perfect wedding color palette can make it even more amazing. From deep hues of reds, and classic shades of ivory to pale pinks and greens, we’ve created 6 best winter wedding color schemes that are sure to impress your guests.

  1. Burgundy and maroon shades with glitter gold
  2. Romantic airy blue and silver


  1. Shades of grey neutral winter wedding


  1. Modern moody black, dark green and copper


  1. For Christmas wedding


  1. Sage green and camel brown
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