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7 Best Burgundy Wedding Color Palettes

Have you ever think of using Burgundy as the theme color of your wedding?

Burgundy is a classic wedding color, which almost appears at weddings from the start of the year to the end of the year. Whether it is the main color of the wedding or just an accent color of the wedding color, it can also be combined with other colors. Here are some classic burgundy wedding colors. We collected some successful cases from table decoration to dress. We believe these will make your big day distinctive!

1.Burgundy + Blush 

With light blush colored flowers and burgundy wine, this palette is full of elegance.Burgundy represents warm and passionate.Adding some white and blush into burgundy bouquets, elegant invitations, dresses or table setting will be all amazing for weddings!

2.Burgundy+navy blue+gold

Navy and Burgundy is a classic match. No matter in which season, this color palette can adapt very well, so this wedding color is definitely worth your consideration.
You can also add some metallic element into it, such as gold foil wedding invitation, the bouquet of metal, navy and Burgundy is also a perfect match!


Burgundy, as an accent color, can be combined with other colors. When it comes into gray and wine, it brings brightness and warmth. Color experts believe that people who like gray usually behave appropriately and have rich knowledge. The bridesmaids can wear a burgundy dress, a gray scarf, and hold white and burgundy bouquets. The following pictures will give you more inspiration for the wedding decoration.

4.Burgundy + Champagne

Champagne color help to bring more elegance and brightness to a burgundy theme wedding.
The combination of vintage and modern designing of champagne color, champagne gold with warm red roses, exquisite and romantic, all these will help to create a unique, elegant and romantic wedding for you.

5.Burgundy+ dusty blue

You can apply this palette into your 2023 wedding. Dusty blue and Burgundy are complementary, and they are opposite to each other on the color wheel. Bridesmaid in blue dress, bride in white dress with burgundy bouquet, groom and best man in light blue suit and light blue tie.

6.Burgundy + Greenery

The combination of burgundy and dark green is classic and romantic.Burgundy is intense, but greenery is dark, and these two colors complement each other. This is also a perfect pair!

7.Burgundy + Orange 

You often see this color palette in autumn weddings. Burgundy and orange are usually considered as autumn colors. This palette can give you a comfortable atmosphere in autumn. Decorate your autumn wedding with Burgundy and orange from wedding cake to bouquet, to wedding arch, center decoration..etc.
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