7 Classic Metallic Theme Wedding Colors to Get Inspired

7 Classic Metallic Theme Wedding Colors to Get Inspired

   Planning wedding should be a fun and rewarding experience that you want to avoid getting bogged down in every decision.One of the first and most important decisions you need to make about your wedding is to choose your color scheme.To make this decision easier for you, try to choose colors that match your surroundings, take inspiration from your favorite colors and decorating styles. And don’t forget to choose colors that complement each other and work well together.

   There’s no denying it… some brides are suckers for the sparkle of the metallic trend! When it comes to the color schemes of their weddings, metallics are all the range. Metallic can be an elegant accent color when used in conjunction with a soft color or cream, or ivory tones, while combine with strong colors, it can creates a vibrant, sensational environment that is equally fabulous. If you’ve been considering a metallic wedding, this post is to help you create a celebration as dazzling as your love!Check out the following gorgeous color combos and pick out your favorite and let us know if possible. Have a good time reading!

   1.Rose Gold and Cream

Rose Gold and Cream Wedding

Matching Wedding Invitations 

   2.Champagne Gold and Neutral Shades

Champagne Gold and Neutral Shades Wedding

Matching Wedding Invitations 

   3. Copper, Grey and Greenery

Copper, Grey and Greenery Wedding

Matching Wedding Invitations 

   4. Black, Gold and Blush

Black, Gold and Blush Wedding

Matching Wedding Invitations 

   5. Shimmer Silver and Blush

Shimmer Silver and Blush Wedding

Matching Wedding Invitations 

Blush Shimmer Wedding Invite

   6. Shimmer Green and Bronze

Shimmer Green and Bronze Wedding

Matching Wedding Invitations 

Green Wedding Invite

   7. Shades of Silvers

Silver Wedding

Matching Wedding Invitations 

Silver Wedding Invites


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