7 Gorgeous Rustic Wedding Ideas that You Can’t Miss

7 Gorgeous Rustic Wedding Ideas that You Can’t Miss

Wedding themes come and go over the years. But rustic weddings  continue to remain a prominent fixture in the world of wedding.The charm of a country wedding has specifically stood the test of time. Even if rustic weddings aren’t going away anytime soon, the style is continually evolving.

No matter where you’re hosting your nuptial, a country wedding is the place to showcase your love for all the rustic and vintage things in your decors and style. To give you more inspiration, we ’ve collected some popular country wedding ideas.Check them out and then you’ll figure out what you can do with everything from your wedding dress to your venue or rustic wedding invitations.


The most popular venues for rustic weddings are barns, ranches and farms. These venues easily lend themselves to rustic wedding style because of their countryside locations and informal settings. Vineyards, mountain lodges, and recreational parks or campgrounds are also suitable for rustic style.As for decors of rustic weddings, there are lots of wedding ideas to get inspired.

Except for wedding theme, choosing the right color palette is the second thing you have to do before preparing for your big day.For rustic weddings, the choices of colors are plentiful. We love rustic wedding style is because it’s super versatile. It works with many different color palettes, and each one can help you achieve a different look depending on the decor you choose. For a more rustic chic look, you can stick with a softer color palette comprised of pastel hues, such as blush, dusty blue or sage green. Just take one below for example:


For rustic save-the-dates and wedding invitation suites, look for nature-inspired elements, such as wood grain patterns, greenery motifs, and floral designs. Wood-burnt accents, burlap ribbons, and lace belly bands are some of the finishing touches you can add to your invites to complete the rustic vibe.The key point of selecting the stationery is to make sure it fit well with the rustic wedding theme.


Rustic weddings opt for more casual and natural dresses because of the informal atmosphere associated with rustic wedding venues. Actually, there’s no stereotype and you choose a gown according to the wedding style you have: a romantic ruffled one, a stylish vintage one, a beautiful classic one, etc.Do choose whatever you like most and suit your wedding style.


We can see many handmade details, rugged accent pieces, and repurposed vintage items in rustic weddings. Before choosing your wedding decor, you need to decide if you want your wedding to be traditionally rustic or something more trendy and modern ,like a “rustic chic” look.

Rustic chic wedding is all about creating an atomsphere that’s laid-back yet elegant. But the traditional style keeps the fundamental elements as well as adds romantic and classic details — try loose greenery, whitewashed chairs, muted metallic accents. What we show you below is about how rustic chic style works.

Cake and Dessert

For rustic wedding cakes, no one love the look of buttercream frosting. This kind of decor  will give your cake a slightly more relaxed look. Dress up each tier with fresh flowers or greenery, or skip the allover frosting and opt for a naked or semi-naked cake instead. Rustic weddings are also a prime opportunity to try out some alternative dessert ideas — homemade pies, doughnuts, waffles, and even pie pops are just some of our faves.


Thinking about how your reception party ideas can be enhanced to make an epic experience for the entire guest list? All it takes is something unexpected or a little out of the ordinary.We’ve gathered some great ideas for entertainment in wedding. Go and check!

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