7 Inviting Greenery Wedding Color Palettes You Cannot Miss

7 Inviting Greenery Wedding Color Palettes You Cannot Miss

   We’re in love with Greenery!It’s only been one month into the new year, and we’re already hearing a lot about how popular the color will be at upcoming weddings.The best part?It’s such an easy color through simple, affordable greenery, so all brides who have to save budget can join the trend if they want.

   Greenery is officially in the line-up among wedding colors.This palette offers a lot of versatility, depending on the look you want.You can choose all white with green plants, to create a really clean, chic, delicate style;Alternatively, choose to use the palette above and add some extra characters and depth by casting light neutrals.Finally, you can even go one step further and add some light burgundy or bold gold to create a bigger statement and add a touch of luxury.

   It is no doubt that we have seen a lot of green wedding color palettes. So we pick up 7 most popular  of them and present to you.  Make your wedding attractive with greenery combos—those totally work.Now, check them out and enjoy!

   1. Gorgeous Beige and Greenery

Beige and Greenery Wedding

   2. Rustic and Vintage Brown and Greenery

Brown and Greenery Wedding

   3. Elegant Peach and Greenery

Peach and Greenery Wedding

   4. Bright burgundy and greenery

Burgundy and greenery Wedding

   5. Noble Gold and Greenery

Gold and Greenery Wedding

   6. Honorable black and greenery

black and greenery Wedding

   7. Pure White and Greenery

Pure White and Greenery Wedding


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