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7 Simple Wedding Tips To Impress Your Guests

   Impressing your guests deeply is not the main purpose of planning a wedding, but it can make you and your guests feel comfortable and then more enjoy the wedding. An impressive wedding  is by no means equal to an expensive wedding. Actually speaking, you can overwhelming your guests with a staggering amount of little details and special touches. Trust me, it work very well.

Wedding Stationery

   Where does the guests’ first impression come from of your wedding? Yes, wedding stationery. It can be the save the date card, bridal shower card or wedding invitation card… So choose the wedding stationery which most suitable for you and your wedding style, and try to make a good first impression .

Pink Wedding Invitation Card
Gold-foil Wedding Invite
Acrylic Wedding Invite
Acrylic Wedding Invite

Impressive Wedding Food

   We believe that food would be the the most talked about element at every wedding.Many wedding planners forecast that more guests would enjoy having more vegetarian options. And you can also try to change the traditional food (Like steak, chicken, fish,etc. ) to something people like(For example, pizza, Mexican food or sushi.)
  You can also talk with food providers to source seasonal, local, and fresh ingredients, they will offers your guests a great tasting alternative.

Vegetarian Wedding
Image by: Don Watson Reportages Éthiques
Vegetarian Wedding

Image by: Don Watson Reportages Éthiques
Wedding Food

Wedding Interactive Programs

   How to make your guests immersed in a happy atmosphere of the wedding?The answer is to get them involved in the wedding, instead of just being an audience. First, share the details about the festivities ahead to build their enthusiasm. Then prepare some funny interactive activities like making a guest book interactive,Incorporate a Ring Warming Ceremony, having a happy dancing time, or setting up a mini photo studio at the reception for guests… All of these action will make them feel they are an important part of the wedding.

Wedding Guest Book
Click image for more guest book ideas
Wedding Dance Time
ring warming

  Impressive Wedding Lighting

  What can be more wonderful than the lighting to create an romantic atmosphere? If you are going to hold your wedding ceremony or reception on the night, shiny lights would be the most beautiful & affordable decorations.

Wedding Light
Wedding Light

Impressive Wedding Sparklers

   Who can resist the charms of gorgeous sparklers? Invite your guests to join you outside for some sparkler fun! The shiny sparklers will take them back to being children. I believe this would be a memorable moment for all of them.

Wedding Sparklers
Wedding Saprklers
Image via: Weddingforward


   Music make you close. When people hear their favorite songs, they will feel happier. When you send RSVP card to your guests, let them jot down their favorite songs. Compile all the song requests into a playlist and give it to your DJ, and the guests will fully enjoy it.  

Wedding Bands
Wedding music

Prepare Something Your Guests May Need

   People are always easy to be touched by some warm details. If you are going to have an outdoor wedding, prepare some umbrellas on the rainy or hot day. At the winter wedding, you can prepare a scarfs or hand warmers.

Scarfs For Wedding Guests
Umbrella for Wedding Guests

  Do you have more creative ideas about having an impressive wedding? Welcome to share with us. 

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