7 Stunning Wedding Color Palettes for 2020 Summer

7 Stunning Wedding Color Palettes for 2020 Summer

   If you’re brainstorming your summer wedding decoration, you’ve probably embraced the vibrant colors of the season.Bright pinks, oranges, yellows, and greens may appear on in your mind, and you’ve probably imagined them for your stationery, wedding flowers, ceremonial decorations, and reception linens.However, before you hand over the approved inspiration board to your planner, we suggest you pause and consider the following unexpected summer wedding palette.

Pink Wedding
Yellow Wedding
Burgundy Wedding

   From lime and rust to mustard and slate, there are many unique color combinations.They will make your wedding one of the warmest events.That’s not to say, however, that summer classics aren’t worth including.They definitely are, but pairing them with an unexpected color scheme gives them a compelling freshness.Take blush for example.This traditional hue is often used for weddings during the warmer months and can be a novelty and inspiration when paired with bright yellow or bronze.

Dusty Blue Wedding
Blue wedding

   Still hunt for the perfect wedding color palette for your perfect summer wedding? Well, today we’ve have created some pretty color inspiration for your big day including pink, yellow, red, green and blue. From pastels and brights to rustic and romantic, we believe that these palettes are perfect for bringing you from high summer into early autumn. Enjoy!

Summer Wedding
Coral Wedding


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