7 Winter Wedding Invitation Ideas You’ll Fall in Love With

7 Winter Wedding Invitation Ideas You’ll Fall in Love With

You will surely fall in love with these creative ideals!

It’s getting colder and colder from now on, if you are considering hold a wedding in winter, then you might as well take a look at this article, we have rounded up our several invitations that is super suitable for your winter wedding! We are sure that the following elegant wedding stationery will satisfy all your fantasies about elegance.

Holding a winter wedding is not as difficult as you thought, from selecting a venue to bridesmaid dresses to table linens and invitations, deciding your wedding color theme early on is an essential step. Because it will decide whether the rest of your planning process runs smoothly or not. The limit for selecting a wedding color combination is very small. Because there are hundreds of colors for us to select.  We sum up some of the winter element for you to learn,  take a look!


1.Save the Date

You need to inform the guests coming to the wedding in advance, so that they can spare a day for your big day, Normally, a card with a calendar is enough.If your wedding is in winter, then the following snowflake-shaped cutting paper is more suitable for snowy days.

2.Navy and Silver Glitter Invites

Winter weddings naturally remind people of snowflakes, so invitations with snowflakes always be on the hot trend, The card it self is dark blue, Scattered up and down are snowflakes of different sizes, the newcomer’s name and wording are in silver-white font, The laser cut is tied with a silver and gray ribbon, and on the middle of the ribbon is a diamond. All these make it looks fantastic!

3.Emerald & Rustic Winter Wedding Ideas


The rustic design is perfect for winter and it also has a warm feeling, Green brings vitality to winter. This is a novel collocation. on the bottom of the card is Christmas tree. If your wedding is around christmas day, I recommend this invitation card, the simple card is what young couples love now, it’s cheap and beautiful.

4.Glitter Silver & Gold


The winter will naturally remind people of silver, Silver is the synonym of elegance and nobility. We have prepared one invitation for you. The pocket is silver glitter, wrapped by Soft Silk, The gold background, black script, and shinning diamond give it the element of luxury and elegant, too.

5.Snowflake Arylic Invites

Data show that Acrylic invitations are getting popular lately , more and more couples choose this material for their wedding, Look, The acrylic invitation in the shape of snowflakes is really beautiful! It can give your wedding invitations an inviting vibe!

6.Turquoise glitter and silver snowflakes


Use turquoise as your wedding invitation inspiration, and cover inner cards with snowflakes. Choose a palette that echoes the white wedding dress, and then paint a ton of bright white snowflakes on it. If you want to be more special, add a laser cut pocket outside and wrap a turquoise ribbon around it.

7.Navy & Gray Acrylic

Navy blue palette is an old friend in winter weddings, the combination of Navy, sky blue, silver and gray are never wrong in winter wedding. The cream on the blue cake was scattered like snowflakes.

Do you have more creative ideas about having an impressive wedding? Welcome to share with us. 

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