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8 Trends on the Rise for 2022 Weddings

    Hey, brides-to-be, are you headache about the 2022 wedding planning now ? So many brides complains that wedding planning is a hard work. Well, if you have no ideas about your wedding yet, why not follow the trends and having a fashionable wedding?

Wedding Dresses

   Individuation and functionality are the main trends of 2022 autumn wedding dresses. No matter what style you like, you can always find the one you like. Short wedding dress can make you looks more active, ruffles wedding dresses suitable for brides who want to feel like the belle of their ball, and bridal suits & separates are coming back and becomes more popular than before…

2022 Wedding Dress
2022 Wedding Dress

Weekday Weddings

   One obvious fact of 2022 wedding is that weekend wedding dates are pretty limited. You will find that more and more couples having their wedding on the weekday. But actually speaking, it can help the couples save a lot of money.

Weekday Weddings
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Weekday Weddings

A Long Weekend Wedding

   More and more weddings are expanding their scope outside of the simple ceremony and reception.A full wedding weekend can make guests more enjoy the wedding and have more time to stay together.

Long Weekend Wedding
Long Weekend Wedding

Wedding Palette

   In 2022 autumn, you can expect to see some bold color palettes,brighter, richer and deeper.

Bold Wedding Color

Acrylic Decorations

   More and more acrylic elements can be seen on 2022 weddings. Acrylic chairs, acrylic welcome sign, acrylic wedding invitation card, and even containers to fill with stunning flowers.

Acrylic Wedding Ideas

Big Parties

   Micro-weddings were popular during the past few years. But now, big parties are back! So many couples postponed their wedding just for this moment.

Wedding Party

Eco-friendly Wedding

   Whenever you start your wedding planning , sustainability will never out of style. There are many sustainable options for you. For example, the eco-friendly wedding invitations, selecting a plastic-free caterer or having an entirely vegan menu.

Eco-friendly Wedding
Eco-friendly Wedding Invitation

Breaking the Traditions

   More and more young couples may try to breaking the traditional rules and having a more personalized wedding. Use bold color palettes, or switching up the usual wedding-day timeline and so on…

Unique Wedding Ideas
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