9 Fabulous Blush & Soft Pink Wedding Color Combos for Brides to Inspired

9 Fabulous Blush& Soft Pink Wedding Color Combos for Brides to Get Inspired

If you’ve already started the wedding planning process, you know there are many styles to emulate.If you like clean lines and the latest trends, then modern aesthetics may be for you.If rustic dining tables and farm-to-table flowers steal your heart, then a farm inspired wedding is the perfect option.If woven decorative elements,overflowing florals, and an abundance of drapery await you as you walk down the aisle, then we suggest these Bohemian wedding theme. Once decided your wedding theme, the next step is to choose the suitable wedding colors.

Certainly, you have your dream colors in mind and wanna use them to rock your big day.That’s great.But it is necessary to pair with other colors.If you have you checked out the popular wedding color, you may figure out that blush pink is the most commonly seen color that most brides like to use in their wedding,Among all the popular wedding colors. Blush pink is ideal because it combines well with many other colors such as grey, blue, greenery, gold, and many neutral tones. In this article we are showing all brides 8 pretty blush and soft pink wedding colors that are hot for the year 2020. Read on to get some inspiration.

1. Organic Blush Pink and Greenery

Pairing greenery with any color is a hot trend these years. Try pair it with blush, which makes it even more spectacular.  It’s soft, feminine, romantic, and looks lush no matter how sparse the greenery is. 

Organic Blush Pink and Greenery

2.  Rose Wood Color for Fall Season Wedding

Rose wood is blush’s big sister…a bit more refined, a bit more grown up, and a bit more sophisticated.  A great choice for fall wedding.

Rose Wood Color for Fall Season Wedding

3. Blush and Light Grey

Blush and grey is the perfect pairing of sophistication.  The grey offsets the girly of the blush and the blush romanticizes the grey…so just like you and your fiancé, they are meant for each other!  All shades of grey either…lighter, darker, glittery, silver…all work!

Blush and Light Grey

4. Sweet Plum Pink

 Variety is the spice of life AND it’s the key to making sweet plum work.  A little lighter, a little darker, a warm tone, and a cool tone, all work together beautifully.

Sweet Plum Pink

5. Navy and Dusty Pink

Navy and dusty pink go hand in hand…just like you two will down the aisle!  It’s the combo of feminine and masculine that lets these two colors work together in perfect harmony.

Navy and Dusty Pink

6. Bashful Blush and Sage

You may be thinking, “Isn’t this just greenery?”.  And the answer is no…it’s sage and that makes all the difference.  Sage is dusty, it carries a grey hint to it and it’s light and airy.  If you are wanting ethereal or whimsical, ask for sage!

Bashful Blush and Sage

7. Peachy, Blush and Burgundy

This color combo is wonderful because you don’t have to pick just one…they are beautiful together!  And if you decide that one shows up a bit stronger in your color planning game, that’s fine too! 

Peachy, Blush and Burgundy

8. Dusty Rose and Serenity Blue

Just like Navy and Blush, these colors balance the masculine and feminine, but they do it a lot softer!  Think of both of these colors in terms of pastels, but turn the dial to warm tones, and you’ve nailed it. 

Dusty Rose and Serenity Blue

9. Pink and Lavender

The key to success is to add it different shades of both of these colors.  If you get stuck in one shade of pink and one shade of lavender, it’s not only going to limit you, it’s going to look blotchy, and no one wants that on their big day.  Floral is abundant in these colors as well.

Pink and Lavender


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