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9 Accredited Trending Pantone Colors for 2022 Spring And Summer Wedding

   Want to have a wedding in trending colors ? Just follow the step of Pantone, it has already told you the most fashionable colors of 2022 spring and summer weddings


   Compared with normal green, basil has lower saturation, and it even can give people a feeling of gray tone. This soft and fresh color,can make people feel comfortable and peaceful.

2022 Trending Color
Basil Wedding Palette


   Daffodils represent the purity love. Though daffodil is a bright color, it is not grandiose at all. Natural color can always make people feel happy and relaxing.  

2022 Trending Color
Daffodil Wedding

Snow White

   There is no doubt, snow white is the represent of clean.The simple, the better. Snow white can  make the wedding looks more elegant and classic. It will never out of style.

2022 Trending Color
Snow White Wedding Ideas

Coca Mocha

   Coca mocha is a kind of “healing color”, it is warm and fashionable. So many girls like this gentle but personality enough color.

2022 Trending Color
Coca Mocha Wedding

Spun Sugar

   So sweet and healing a color. Compared with normal blue, spun sugar is more fresh and cute.

2022 Trending Color
Spun Sugar Wedding

Glacier Lake

   Peaceful and cool glacier lake can bring people to a dreamy fairyland. Put yourself in the glacier lake wedding, you will be surrounded by love and peace.  

2022 Trending Color
Glacier Lake Wedding

  Gossamer Pink

   Lower saturation gossamer pink are the color for gentle women. This romantic pink is not rigid at all, girls can easy to pull off this color.

2022 Trending Color
  Gossamer Pink Wedding


   So many people think innuendo is a kind of color which hard to pull off, it is too bright and high-profile. But this color is great to crate sweet sexy effect, you can have a try.

2022 Trending Color
  Innuendo Wedding


   Strong poinciana can arouse one’s emotions and make people feel happy.

2022 Trending Color
Poinciana Wedding

   All of these colors are super cool, can you find your ideal wedding color?  By the way, if you can’t find the suitable wedding invitations, don’t worry, we provide free customization service. 

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