Amazing Summer Wedding Ideas with Personalized Koozie Favors

Amazing Summer Wedding Ideas with Personalized Koozie Favors

   Koozies are just so darn fun. They are especially great for spring and summer weddings .Those babies can be used the minute your guests enter the door to your reception.Many summer brides love incorporating koozies and can coolers in their wedding parties. Koozies make great additions to the bar or as favors for your weddings guest at the wedding reception,especially when personalized.

   Personalized can koozies are a great way to make the memory of your wedding day last.  You can personalize them with names, monograms or role in the wedding in almost any color from the rainbow.  Every time your guests use their custom gift, you can be sure they will think of you and the fun they had on your big day.Make sure to display them in baskets, vases or line them up on a tray for extra visual appeal!Below, we have listed some great kooize pics for your reference.Check them out.

   1. Color coordinate your summer wedding day with personalized koozie favors

   Black and White

Black and White Wedding Favors


Turquoise Wedding Favors

   Mint and Coral

Mint and Coral Wedding Favors

   Mint and Grey

Mint and Grey Wedding Favors

   Purple and Navy Blue

Navy Blue Wedding Favors

   Mint and Red

Mint and Red Wedding Favors

   2. Creative ways to display koozies at your wedding party

 koozies at your wedding party

   3. Charming wedding koozie favor list

Charming wedding koozie favor


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