Attractive Butterfly Wedding Theme Ideas

Attractive Butterfly Wedding Theme Ideas

Butterfly is the embodiment of loyalty and beauty. Many couples use wedding-themed weddings to convey their loyalty to each other and their good wishes for marriage. Butterfly-themed weddings are also very beautiful. Let’s take a look at how it should be arranged!

When holding a butterfly-themed wedding, one thing you need to do is to increase the appearance rate of butterflies in the layout of the wedding site, such as hanging some beautiful paper origami butterflies above the dining table.

Or place some butterfly decorations of different colors on the wall, which can not only set off the atmosphere of the whole wedding well, but also create a smart and natural feeling, making the wedding more unique.

As a symbol of rebirth and new beginnings, you can have an arched door decorated in the shape of a butterfly at your wedding entrance, and place welcome signs in the shape of butterflies on both sides of the aisle.

Tie each tableware with cute butterfly on the dining table, and also tie one on the dining chair, and you can also choose an invitation card with a butterfly element.

Decorate the wedding with colorful butterflies, which will bring a very romantic atmosphere to the whole venue.

The bride can also choose butterfly holding flowers.

Butterfly Wedding Invitations

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