Aurora Disney Theme Fairy-tale wedding Ideas

Aurora Disney Theme Fairy-tale wedding Ideas

Every couple wants their day to be perfect.Most of time,we have to be creative to make our dream wedding come true.Fortunately, Aurora wedding decorations can provide the necessary atmosphere, including the background, to complete your fairy tale wedding.

Princess Aurora, better known as Sleeping Beauty, is known for her gorgeous golden locks and for somehow looking really, really good while under a sleeping curse.This beauty is awakened when Prince Phillip finally breaks the spell with true love’s kiss Are you dream of being like Princess Aurora?Let’s see what we can do to achieve it.

Wedding invitations
Search for the perfect princess invitations to set the tone and show your guests your wedding theme.

The perfect princess gown

Let’s start with the dress. Disney’s designers certainly didn’t disappoint with this sleeping beauty-inspired gown

On-theme place card display
As you remember, Aurora pricked her finger on a spinning wheel’s spindle. You can use this famous spindle as inspiration for your wedding decor! If you don’t happen to have a golden spindle lying around, you can repurpose a bicycle wheel to look like a spindle by spray-painting it gold. Hang the place cards on the spokes.

Aurora Disney Theme Fairy-tale wedding Ideas


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