Awesome Ideas for Tiffany Blue Wedding Color

Awesome Ideas for Tiffany Blue Wedding Color

Do you need a little inspiration for your wedding color palette?Remember that lovely blue Tiffany box?Well,Tiffany’s is famous for its beautiful jewelry, and many women have died for it.It is a beautiful color to have at your wedding, and exudes the same elegance and charm that Tiffany & co jewelry does.

Every woman knows this color. It’s not really blue. It’s a light blue or teal.This is Tiffany blue. We’re sure you know what it looks like.So today we’re picking this color for your wedding: it looks stylish, trendy, fresh, and very cute, and it works for almost any wedding theme.Whether you’re walking down the aisle or enjoying a big meal, here are some ideas to make your wedding day colorful.

When you think of Tiffany jewelry, there are likely two things that come to mind: that famous special blue color and sparkle.Coordinate the two elements with into your wedding invitations.That would be gorgeous.

Send your guests home with a taste of your wedding and of course a little bit of Tiffany blue.

It’s not likely that any girl would complain about having to rock the Tiffany blue color. Whether it’s a one-shoulder, a-line, strapless or halter-style dress, you can’t go wrong with this color.

If your cake is Tiffany blue, you don’t need a whole lot more to make it look perfect. Consider textured edges to add some personality to your confection.


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