Awkward Wedding Horror Story That You Won’t Believe

Awkward Wedding Horror Story That You Won’t Believe

Every bride dreams of the perfect wedding.But behind every dream,there is a nightmare.From drunken guests,adulterous grooms, to wrecked dresses, cake disasters, family feuds, and photographer woes, any of them can be the brides’ nightmare in their big day.we’ve rounded up some of the craziest wedding horror stories about American women who think your in-laws suck!

We can’t believe what you and everyone you know are going through in order to have the perfect wedding.Thank you to each and every one of you for sharing your scariest stories – we hope this will at least make you feel better reading the stories of other brides and know that you’re not the only one with a wedding horror story to tell!

Ripped bridal dress

“I was walking between the head table at our wedding and a wall with my plate of food when one of my bridesmaids said “move my shoes” so we could all walk by I bent to pick them up since I was 1st to approach them. My dress ripped all up the zipper in back!! My mother in law threw a shawl over my back as we went to the office of the owner & she & her friend spent the next 45 mins sewing me back up!!! She had to explain to my husband how to “cut” me out of the dress when we got to our hotel room! How romantic!!!”–Kayla

No wedding cakes and no wedding pictures

 “So morning of my ceremony after getting my hair done I go to the bakery to pick up my wedding cake…after about 15 minutes the manager finally comes to tell me that there was no cake. A month and a half post wedding our photographer mails me the CD containing all of our wedding pictures. Of course we were so excited to see them finally. So we are going through the pictures and we are up to family pictures and it just starts over. I contact my photographer who looks through her stuff and informs me that the pictures are GONE. There are no pictures of any Grandparent or the Grooms family and no way to get those pictures back.”–Ashley

Unexpected guests

“The plans for my wedding day were to meet at the church at 2:30 p.m., get my makeup done and prepare for a 5 p.m. wedding. Instead, at 9 a.m., the doorbell rang and there were 12 members of the groom’s family expecting to be fed and entertained. What? My fiancé and I lived together and he forgot to tell me that the custom in his country is to show up at the groom’s house first thing and spend the day bonding and partying before heading to the church caravan-style! More and more people kept arriving until there were 40 people sitting in the backyard — with only eight chairs. His family rooted through my cupboards and cooked food for themselves and the guests cleared out the pantry, refrigerator and freezer!” — Mindy

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