Balloons That Add a Playful Touch to Your Wedding

Balloons That Add a Playful Touch to Your Wedding

Balloons are an important element that brings joy and festive spirit to any celebration.Although they are most commonly used in informal celebrations,such as bridal parties, they are also worth considering for your wedding.Trust us, balloons aren’t as casual as you might think — you can dress them up for your big day.

Looking for a unique way to improve your wedding reception?Do consider using balloons.If you want to use balloons as an accent, tie them to a sign or use them to mark a specific space, such as a message board or gift list.To make them a major part of your decor, consider making a balloon wall or arch.With all the creative ideas, you are bound to find a balloon idea that suits your wedding.

Save the dates

Balloons are the perfect prop for you and your future spouse to use in your save the dates. One of the fun ideas is to print your wording and wedding date on a balloon and send it in deflated form to all of your guests. Direct them to blow it up to read the special message!

Balloon arch
Consider exchanging vows under a colorful arch of balloons. You can use structures of balloons throughout your wedding day – surround your cake with one to create a vibrant focal point or put an arch at the entrance of your reception.

Pair balloons to your floral centerpieces, or use a gathering of various colored balloons for the star of your reception tables. You can even use a balloon to emulate a hot air balloon by tying it to a rustic wood pot of flowers.

Cake topper
For a youthful cake topper, use mini water balloons to add an adorable accent of color to your dessert. Be sure to choose balloons that match the color palette you’ve chosen for your reception.

Balloons That Add a Playful Touch to Your Wedding


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