Beauty and the Beast Ideas for A Fairy Tale Wedding

Beauty and the Beast Ideas for A Fairy Tale Wedding

If you were a little girl born in the 90s like me, Beauty and the Beast may have a special place in your heart.So, although we may now be grown up and married ourselves, there is still a bit of magic in the “old tale”.The idea of falling in love with the person on the inside, rather than simply looking at the outside and overcoming difficulties, resonates today, just as it did then.

It’s a romantic concept, don’t you think?

So, we continue to be inspired by Disney’s fairy-tale wedding and would like to take this opportunity to share our thoughts on your own beauty and the beast wedding.Chic, elegant, romantic, and whimsical with a nod, a childhood favorite, this is still an adult classic.

Are you ready for the most fabulous Disney movie inspired wedding ideas? If you’re planning a wedding, or will be soon, it doesn’t hurt to dream about your own fairy tale wedding and we’ve thrown together a few gorgeous ideas to feed your imagination.

Magical Moments
Like a Disney movie, weddings are full of magical moments, and you can even create some in your decor.The “Be Our Guest” logo displayed on a luxurious gold frame is a clever idea to welcome guests into the ceremony or reception.

Magical Spell Wedding Invitation
A Beauty and the Beast wedding theme deserves the perfect introduction, and we can’t think of a better representation of such a magical affair as the magical spell wedding invitation.

Roses and Romance
Of course, a beauty and the beast wedding must have red roses as part of the decoration.Incorporate this romantic flower into everything from obvious elements like bouquets and buttons to less obvious ones like a wedding cake or guest book.Are you worried that red roses will become a little expensive?You can get the same dramatic vibe with colors instead of flowers.

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