Bridal Shower Basics You Need to Know

Bridal Shower Basics You Need to Know

What is a bridal shower?The bridal shower is a rare opportunity for all the brides’ close friends and family in one place for a special, intimate, pre-wedding celebration.Showers can be as luxurious or relaxing as you want, but should be tailored to the bride’s needs, style, preferences and personality.

Throwing a bridal shower for your loved ones can be a daunting task.No matter how or who the bridal shower is planned, it’s important to remember that it’s a time to celebrate the bride’s engagement and upcoming wedding.You’re going to celebrate the bride-to-be in a way that everyone will love, so do it well.However, it’s better to take it easy than under pressure.It’s my honor to host this event!

To help you prepare the best party for your bride, guests, and budget, we’ve compiled a list of things that have made bridal showers great in the past.Before we start planning our checklist of important things to keep in mind for the bridal shower, we need to cover some basics that will hopefully answer some of your more pressing questions.

Hosting the Shower

Bridesmaids usually host bridal showers.Sometimes,bridesmaids, friends, relatives of the bride, or any combination of these people can work alone or as a team.But remember, hosting a shower is an option, not an obligation.The freedom to host voluntarily, refuse to host, or want to be part of the hosting team is entirely possible.No matter who is hosting, the party should cater to the bride’s tastes and interests.

Inviting Guests to the Shower

Just like at a wedding, engaged couples decide who gets to decide based on the wedding budget and their own needs.Do the same with the bridal shower, but with the help of the bride.The bride shall provide the host with a guest list by which the host are able to send out bridal shower invitations.

Most people who attend will receive a printed bridal shower invitation.It’s a nice memento, especially if the party is intimate.Electronic invitations (also known as e-cards) are also an option, but it’s not a very personal message and may not have that much impact.

Bridal Shower Roles

Attendees at the bridal shower typically includes the bride, bridesmaids, and other friends or families.Whether the bride celebrates her engagement or upcoming wedding,she can participate as much as she wants.But she will usually provide the host with a guest list and some needs/requests.

Bridesmaids and other guests come to celebrate with the bride!Even if they don’t host, they should help prepare any DIY projects assigned to them and clean them up.They should attend as many showers as possible, but should not feel obligated to buy more than one gift for the bride.

For the other participants, their presence was the most important.They should receive information about the wedding theme, location, dress, and whether or not to include a gift on the wedding invitation.

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