Bridal Shower Thank You Cards Rules You Have to Know

Bridal Shower Thank You Cards Rules You Have to Know

Your bridal shower is usually a gathering of friends, family, and sometimes acquaintances to celebrate your upcoming wedding.Cakes, ribbons, balloons, presents — the whole nine yards!It is exciting, but once the confetti fall and the champagne bubbles lose their sizzle, deciding what to write on all wedding thank you CARDS seems overwhelming.To help ease your pre-wedding stress, we’ll help you to get started.

A few things to keep in mind before you start writing bridal shower thanks cards are that this is the point of the bridal shower festivities.The bride should write her own thank you cards, including a very sincere one to those who helped plan the shower. It is a must to ask the planners of the shower to write down who gave what gift at the shower as the bride opens her gifts.So the brides can write and send out thank you cards according to that.

Bridal shower thank yous should be sent no later than two weeks after the shower!It is important to keep the thank-you notes in mind throughout the wedding planning process.

Here’s great formula to use for bridal shower thank you notes:


Thank you for the [name the gift!] or Thank you for helping me celebrate!

A sentence about how much you love the gift + how you’ll use it or describe your appreciation of attendance if s/he didn’t bring a gift

A sentence thanking the person for attending the shower or expressing sadness that they weren’t able to attend

Share how you’re looking forward to seeing them at the wedding or Share how you’re looking forward to seeing them soon and where you might see them if they can’t attend the wedding


Your Name

Here’s a real example to someone who attended the shower, brought a gift, and will be attending the wedding:

Dear Aunt Suzanne,

Thank you so much for the lovely teapot! I’ve been using it every evening to make a nightly pot of tea for Sam and I. I was so glad that you could attend my bridal shower and hope you had a great time. I’m looking forward to seeing you at the wedding next month!



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