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Charming and Relaxed: Tips for Hosting a Rustic-Style Wedding

If you’re looking for a wedding theme that is charming and full of personality, consider hosting a rustic-style wedding. Rustic weddings are all about celebrating nature and embracing a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere. Here are some tips for hosting a beautiful rustic-style wedding.


Choose a Rustic Venue

The first step in planning a rustic wedding is choosing a venue that complements the theme. Look for venues that have natural surroundings, such as a barn, vineyard, or garden. Rustic venues usually feature natural wood and stone elements, as well as plenty of greenery.


Use Natural Elements in Your Decor

Rustic weddings are all about incorporating natural elements into the decor. Consider using burlap, wood, and Mason jars to create a charming, country-inspired atmosphere. Use wildflowers, leaves, and branches as accents, and hang string lights to add a touch of romance.


Create a Rustic Menu

For your rustic wedding menu, consider serving hearty, comforting dishes that reflect the season. Offer guests options like barbecue, roasted vegetables, and artisanal cheeses. For dessert, consider serving rustic favorites like apple pie or fruit cobbler.


Choose Rustic Attire

When it comes to dressing for a rustic wedding, think casual and comfortable. For the bride, consider a simple, bohemian-style dress or a vintage-inspired gown. For the groom, opt for a tweed suit or a tailored vest with a patterned tie. Encourage guests to dress in comfortable, casual attire that reflects the laid-back atmosphere.


Embrace Nature

Rustic weddings are all about celebrating the natural beauty of the outdoors. Consider incorporating nature-inspired elements into your ceremony and reception, such as tree stumps for seating, natural wood signage, and a ceremony arch made of branches and greenery.


Focus on the Details

When it comes to hosting a rustic wedding, the details make all the difference. Consider adding special touches like personalized wood coasters, burlap table runners, and hand-lettered signs. Use vintage props like old suitcases and antique cameras to create a charming, vintage atmosphere.

In conclusion, hosting a rustic-style wedding is all about embracing the natural beauty of the outdoors and creating a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere. With the right venue, decor, food, attire, and attention to detail, you can create a wedding that is full of charm and personality.

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