Cheap Wedding Invitation Ideas by Doing it Yourself

Cheap Wedding Invitation Ideas by Doing it Yourself

   Crafty DIY brides, this project is for you!Make wedding invitations from scratch.Or start with a printable template. We’ll leave the project up to you.If you want to make your own wedding invitations, we recommend that you start preparing them months before they are sent out.

   While your little project may take more time than a traditional invitation, having a inspirational resource will make it a little easier.From step-by-step tutorials on how to create watercolor invitations, to complex envelope linings and bundling options (note: yarn), there’s no shortage of creativity.

   So if you want to save a few bucks or just have your own thoughts on your wedding invitation, don’t count on it.We’ve collected some DIY wedding invitations ideas that are definitely not an art project gone wrong.Just remember to be careful.After all, that’s your first impression of a wedding!Make it big.Looking for more inspiration?Check out the wonderful DIY wedding invitation ideas.Try these unique ideas to make chic and modern wedding invitation with the minimum cost for your wedding.

   1. Write by yourself

   Buy a certain number of blank invitations match with your wedding theme.Remember to buy more 10% of the invitationsto avoid misspelled.Then, write wedding invitation  with pen on the blank invitations instead of using computer typing or letting others write for you.Last tip is writing individualizing signatures and logo.

   2. Personality envelope for simple wedding invitations

   In order to make the wedding individuation, you can have a personality envelope for these simple wedding invitations. Also, you can use different patterns to packaging invitation cards.

   3. Add small decorations on the cheap wedding invitations

   If you think your invitation cards is too simple, you can add a few small accessories adorn the vintage wedding invitations.Small paper-cut, lace, ribbons and braid are very good grooming.If you have any better ones,don’t be afraid to have a try.

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