Choose the Perfect Sand Invitations for Beach Weddings

Choose the Perfect Sand Invitations for Beach Weddings

   These are the best choices for beach wedding invitations, whether you invite all the guests to the wedding itself, or o show them you are married abroad and  invite your guests to the party afterwards.

   My best friend had a destination wedding last night. We drunk wine, played on soft sand, chatted while drinking, had a good time! Well, my friend’s small and intimate wedding along the seaside was great. I’m very happy for her and her fiance Joe.

   When we started the project, we thought we would do some type of information in a bottle invitation with sand and shells, but after a trip to a local handicraft shop, we soon realized that it might be difficult to find all the parts needed to assemble these things. So,we modified a bottle theme message to accommodate this transparent memory box. It turned out to be better than we both expected. Fun huh?Their special invitation did great help to show the guests the wedding theme and a good accent to the whole wedding. Hope it can get you some inspiration as well.

Beach Wedding Invitations


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