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Complete Your Wedding Invitation Suite with These Must-Have Accompaniments

When it comes to wedding invitations, there are many different types of accompanying stationery that can be used to make the invitation process more cohesive and personalized. Here are some common wedding invitation accompaniments that you may want to consider including in your invitation suite:


  Envelopes: The most basic wedding invitation accompaniment is the envelope. The envelope is used to protect the invitation and to convey important information, such as the recipient’s address and any additional instructions.


  RSVP cards: RSVP cards are included with the wedding invitation to make it easier for guests to respond. These cards typically include a space for guests to indicate whether they will attend the wedding, as well as any dietary restrictions or other special requirements.


  Save-the-date cards: Save-the-date cards are typically sent out several months before the wedding to give guests advanced notice of the date and location. These cards often include a photograph of the couple or a design that reflects the wedding theme.


  Reception cards: If the reception is being held at a different location from the ceremony, a reception card can be included in the invitation suite. This card should include the time and location of the reception.


  Directions or map cards: If the wedding location is difficult to find or in an unfamiliar area, directions or map cards can be included to help guests navigate to the event.


  Accommodations cards: If many guests are coming from out of town, accommodations cards can be included to suggest nearby hotels or other lodging options.


  Information cards: Finally, information cards can be included to provide guests with additional details about the wedding, such as dress code, parking instructions, and any other important information that guests need to know.


By including these wedding invitation accompaniments in your invitation suite, you can create a personalized and cohesive experience for your guests. Not only will these extras make it easier for guests to navigate the wedding process, but they can also help to set the tone for your special day.

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