Cross These Essentials Off the List after Honeymoon

Cross These Essentials Off the List after Honeymoon

Once you’re back from your honeymoon, it’s time to start your daily life with your new spouse!Besides showing off your tan and wedding ring, there are some things you must know and do.Let’s have a look at the things you have to do when you return from honeymoon with your loved ones.

First,send thank you notes for your wedding gifts.Remember those special gifts your guests gave you on your special day?You’re bound to say thanks for the gift.It doesn’t have to be a novel, just a short, sweet note of appreciation.People will notice if you put it off, so set aside some time to cross it off your list.

Second, pay attention to the time you can change your last name after wedding.If you wanna follow the tradition and change your last name, it should be done after the honeymoon.Changing your name before the honeymoon can make things more difficult, as your name must match your travel documents.This process usually takes four to six weeks.

The last thing is to tackle the cash gift.Many wedding guests will give you cash as a wedding gift.If so, you and your spouse must sit down and decide where the money is going.You should get used to discussing finances openly with loved ones to make sure you both know where you stand.The money can be used to buy a new house, pay off debts, or save for an emergency fund.

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